“The first time I set a foot on the land of St John’s I felt peace within me. Thank you to Mrs Sue Burnside and the entire staff in St John’s. Peace of God be with you always.”

“A school with a Catholic character tends to uphold strong family moral values and high standards. I chose this school for these values.”

“Strong ethics of caring kindness and joyfulness.”

“There is a strong sense of belonging at the school.”

“This school has a fabulous ethos, a fantastic nurturing environment.”

“It has helped with teaching the importance of individuality and to teach the importance of helping others, showing them that they are equally important. “

“My daughter has not stopped talking about St John’s. That is a big experience for my daughter to sit together in class with other children.”

“The school is caring and raises money for charity and teaches caring for others. “

“All staff are so caring and kind.”

“You are all amazing.”

“When it time to go to mass she tells me we should go to St John’s.”

“It has given him a sense of belonging. “

“She has prayed for the passing of family members making it easier for her to understand the loss.”

“B says his prayers every night before going to sleep”

“E now listens to hymns on her Ipad and tells me she has enjoyed going to mass.”

  • Parental comments of their child’s experience of Lourdes.

“He loved it. He enjoyed being part of a group … and helped him to socialise.”

“He knows that everyone is different and should be treated with respect and kindness.”

“ She had the opportunity to be with friends other than family…She see Lourdes as a place she goes with her friends.”

“She bought a rosary for herself which is under her pillow. She sleeps with it. She got me a tea cup with I love HCPT on the cup. She hasn’t stopped showing the cup. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for giving my daughter the chance to visit Lourdes.”


  • Other comments:

“My daughter has had the opportunity to go through her sacraments which enables her to participate fully in a Catholic Community. She can go into a Catholic Church anywhere in the world and relate fully.”

“E is becoming more aware of others’ needs and feelings.”

“It’s good to keep children around God’s word. Thank you.”

“I believe that the Catholic life of the school encourages faith and upholds the positive values of the school“

“Giving him lessons of caring and kindness.”

“A lovely place to learn and develop.”


Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for all of your messages.