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Head of School: Wendy Killilea


We welcome students from Year 1 to Year 6 in our Primary department. The Sensory pathway are followed in The Ark class, a combination of Sensory and Semi-formal in Doves class and the Semi-formal pathway in Noah class.

In the Ark class, our young people are curious to learn and love to explore. They learn about the world through sensory activities. The use of Objects of reference, PECS and visuals are used to support them with their emerging communication.

In Noah class, our young people learn through play, with a shift to supported paired play. They learn through process-based activities with a focus on life-skills such as dressing and undressing, social communication, making their wants and needs known and developing friendships.

During the day, the students enjoy a variety of activities, e.g. fine-motor and gross-motor skills activities, TACPAC, Intensive Interaction, snack time, Attention Autism, paired and group activities. They have access to the soft-room and sensory room, to help them develop and engage their senses.

Communication, verbal and non-verbal, a big focus during the Primary years. Students learn communication strategies through Makaton, PECS, Core boards and visuals. Throughout the day, there is also a focus on Phonics, sight vocabulary, creating and writing sentences and reading for meaning.

In Maths lessons, the focus is on learning through song, play/role play, and interaction with numbers, shapes and size.

There is a greater emphasis placed on the learning of numbers as this skill supports all areas of numeracy as they move through the key stages.

Singing and dancing happens sporadically throughout the day, esp. as part of Movement breaks. Structured Music lessons are delivered by the music teacher.

Some students have the opportunity to take part is Steel pan drum sessions.

PE lessons are delivered by our specialist PE teacher, where they learn skills such as throwing and catching and work on their gross-motor skills through the use of a sensory circuit.

Students also have opportunities to go swimming and horse-riding. Using our bike area, also give them an opportunity to practise gross-motor skills.

Life-skills are a big part of the curriculum, and although the primary classes do not visit the cookery room on a regular basis, skills around cooking start at a young age.

Activities such as mixing, pouring, chopping, peeling and spreading, all prepare the students for more formal learning in the cookery classes.

ICT is used to reinforce topic work.

Our Primary students also have the opportunity to visit ELHAP, an outdoor adventure centre, on a weekly basis.

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