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Head of School: Wendy Killilea

Post 16

Our Post 16 students join us from Year 12 – Year 14. During this time, a bigger focus is placed on Independence and life-skills with the emphasis on Preparation for Adulthood. The BTEC Preparation for Adulthood qualification is pursued.

Post 16 “Preparation for Adulthood” Curriculum includes the following areas:

Communication: Active Listening, communicating (to a peer, to an adult, to a wider audience through speech, signing), reading (comprehension, for pleasure), writing (topic, form filling, CV)

Employment: Careers advisory sessions, planning for employment, internal work experience, micro-enterprise
Independent living: Food Technology, life skills in our Post 16 flat, understanding money, shopping, travel training

Community inclusion: Clubs, developing friendships, managing change, managing social media and staying safe online, being safe on the streets

Health: Diet, dentist and doctor, articulating pain/health issues, exercise (P.E.), metal health, understanding relationships (RSE), sex education


  • Pearson BTEC Pre-vocational Study Programme Entry Levels 1 & 2
  • AQA Unit Award Scheme: R.E.

The three classes, St Andrew’s, St Bernadette’s and St Peter’s, follow the movement of students from the three pathways in KS4. Students also enjoy a variety of enrichment activities such as visits to the Redbridge Drama centre, Lambourne farm, running a Tuckshop, Horticulture and other leisure activities.

Each year we run a Work Awareness Week to promote employability options and our Year 14 learners attend the “Food for Thought” programme to develop their employability skills.

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