St Christopher’s Visit to Colchester Zoo Thursday 14th January 2016

Colchester Zoo

St Christopher’s

 14th January 2016


After Ben Wright’s success in raising   £112 to adopt “Ivar”, a wild African hunting dog, a trip to see Ivar and his pals at Colchester Zoo was essential for a group from of St Christopher’s – even if it was January! 

 On arrival we headed straight for to the hunting dogs, who were charging about in a pack in the bitter wind. Ben’s plaque was displayed clearly for all to see. 


Everyone has his or her favourite animal and it was hard to fit everything in.  We managed (among others) the lions, hyenas, orang-utans, zebras, pigs and snakes, but the most exciting experience for several was the visit to the Australian rainbow parakeets who were flying around and landing on us, whilst feeding on the pots of nectar we were holding.  A visit to be repeated… but maybe when it is warmer!