School Status 19th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Following Gavin Williamson’s announcement yesterday, things continue to unfold and more information is being made available, if still a little lacking in details. At this moment in time from what was said, I am of the opinion that we will be open beyond this weekend.

This may however change tomorrow or in the next few days.

Planning for the next two weeks

Very understandably a number of parents, either as a result of their own concern or their child’s own anxieties, have elected to keep their children off school and this is understandable in this current moment in time.

Several families have also responsibly taken to self-isolate, following symptoms arising in a member of the household that correspond with the virus. In addition, some children have been affected by other medical issues which have made them particularly vulnerable to infection. This means that at the moment there are a sizable number of children off school.

As I have mentioned in previous correspondence these absences will be granted as authorised.

It would be helpful for me to know whether, should we be open over the next couple of weeks, you would like your child to come to school. We will continue to exercise sensible measures to maintain as safe an environment as possible and to ensure we do not put any member of the school community at risk.

Contact school office

Could you contact the school office so as to let me know whether in the event that the school remains open you would like your child to attend school.

I will be in contact again over the coming weeks and wish you all to stay safe and as healthy as is possible.

Kind regards

Wendy Killilea

Head of School
0208 504 1818