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Head of School: Wendy Killilea

Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium planning/Evaluation 2022-2023

Strategies that will be used/summary of predicted spend.

Our pupils all have complex learning difficulties which present barriers to educational achievement. The support below is designed with these barriers in mind. We seek to raise students’ self esteem, enable and encourage them to achieve their full potential, improve behaviour, enhance social activities and provide support to families.

Summary of information and type of SEN

St Johns is a school which caters for students with a wide range of needs including moderate to severe learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and those with associated speech, language and communication difficulties.

Date of most recent pupil premium review

October 2022

Total number of pupils


Date of next review

October 2023

Number of pupils eligible for pupil premium


Total pupil premium budget
Amount received per child

Ranges between £985-£1385
This is the second year that all of the pupil premium budget has been sent directly to the school rather than the individual student’s local authority

Pupil Premium 2022/23

Initially the use of pupil premium for 2022/2023 had been affected by the COVID pandemic but we are now able to access off site activities using external providers as well as funding resources, equipment and activities in house and on site.

The amount of pupil premium allocated for 2022/2023 is £47,195


Intended outcome and costs


Implementation and impact

Review and evaluation

**The second stage of the Installation of a sensory trail play circuit on the school field.

The student’s sensory needs can be met, improve student mobility and develop fine and gross motor skills.

100% of the funding for the sensory track

All students and classes will have access to the sensory circuit and it will help to meet any therapy sensory needs that are outlined in there EHCP’s.

Track frequently used and sensory needs met.

The purchase of a selection of occupational therapy resources to aid those students in receipt of OT on their EHCP

Aids the students in developing their fine and gross motor skills.

100% of the cost

The class teams will be able to access the resources in class-based sessions as well as individual OT sessions which will have a positive impact on all those involved and aid the improvement of both their fine and gross motor skills.

Speech and language therapy resources.

The student’s communication skills.

100% of the cost.

Students can access the riding for the disabled centre, they will be able to access an activity that would not be accessible at a centre that did not cater for their needs.

7 laptops.


100% of the cost. £950 each.

Laptops to be used both in the classroom and at home enabling them to have access to the curriculum remotely and assisting them with their literacy and numeracy skills.

Outdoor pursuit centre activities for a term for a selected cohort of students.

Help with sensory gross and fine motor skills.
Social interactions

40% of the cost.

Group to attend a six-weekly session at Lambourne end outdoor activity centre.

Total Spent £47,195

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