Consulting and involving parents.

We endeavour to create excellent lines of communication with parents and families of our young people. This communication takes many forms, including through daily contact via the home school book, and emails and telephone calls. We also have parents’ evenings, and annual review meetings. For those young people who may be struggling, we may implement more frequent partnership meetings with a range of relevant partners, including CAMHS or social care. Pupils also receive a detailed yearly progress report in the Summer Term. Parents also receive termly information including in relation to a young’s persons achievements in relation to their individualised learning and perhaps behavioural targets. We aim to work with parents to ensure that their hopes and aspirations for their young person are reflected in educational targets. Our dedicated team of therapeutic staff, including learning mentors and speech and language therapist also communicate frequently with parents/ carers including with advice and guidance on strategies for home. We hope to be always available and on hand to talk to you, and you are welcome to visit the school, although it is usually best to arrange this in advance.


Involving Children and Young People

We aim that our young people should grow in in confidence in themselves as learners. Pupils are encouraged to grow in self-reflection, including through the use of assessment for learning techniques in class activities. At key points in the year, including the annual review meetings, pupils are invited to give feedback on their strengths and needs, and to give their own views about future targets. We have a strong pupil voice, with a very active student council, with representation from all ages and abilities.