We encourage the use of ICT throughout all areas of the curriculum to enhance, extend and support learning. ICT is also taught as a discrete subject across the school and our pupils are encouraged to be as ICT proficient as possible. St John’s has two ICT Suites where our students use a variety of online resources and software programs along with programmable robots and digital imaging hardware to develop their skills and knowledge.

We encourage informed, confident and positive use of ICT. We aim to familiarise and prepare pupils for the use of ICT in the wider world as well as developing an understanding of its place in society. On-line safety and responsible use is something we emphasise at every level.

Pupils carry out a range of activities, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, drawing and control technology. Pupils are encouraged to consider how they use ICT in other subject areas Pupils need to be confident and competent in their ability to understand and use a wide range of ICT.

There are five main themes in ICT.

  • Investigating
  • Developing Ideas and Making Things Happen
  • Exchanging and Sharing Information
  • Reviewing
  • Modifying and Evaluating Work, as it progresses.

At St John’s there is a strong ethos to support your child’s progress in developing the skills they will need to take an active role in the adult world.

Accreditation includes GCSE, Entry Level, ASDAN and AQA unit awards qualification.