We recognise effective communication as crucial to our pupils ability to take their place in society in a positive and active way. We develop all areas of communication through the main areas of literacy; speaking and listening, reading and writing.

To determine the need for intervention, assessments are carried out and individual programmes designed to meet each student’s needs. Several commercial language schemes are available for use within the school. Makaton (signing/symbols) and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication) may be used to augment communication, where appropriate. To enhance children’s speaking and listening skills, class teachers liaise with our speech and language therapists.

Drama is another important medium we use in the school and pupils are involved in a number of performances both in and out of school.

In reading we adopt any approach that will work with an individual. We try to encourage children to enjoy books and realise that there is meaning behind words. We have access within the school to several reading schemes, including Story Chest, Oxford Reading Tree, Ginn 360, Wellington Square, Rapid, ‘Impact’ and many other supplementary Schemes and we actively encourage children to read from these schemes before progressing onto new levels.

Writing and handwriting skills are both developed and when handwriting difficulties interfere with creative skills there are a variety of ICT solutions available in each class to help eliminate this particular problem.

Accreditation includes AQA units and ASDAN qualifications.