All students will experience a variety of art activities involving colour, collage, drawing, mobiles, printing, pastels, 3 Dimensional work, water, poster and acrylic paints, elements of art history and theory, Makaton communication skills, GCSE examination work and ICT.

They will work individually and in group activities. Emphasis is placed on enjoyment, with practical activities to enable the students to learn basic art skills.

All students follow a scheme of work that is adapted to meet their needs, age, ability and aptitude. There is cross curricular work linking art with other curriculum areas to develop a greater understanding of topics in other subjects on the curriculum.

The work the students do can/will be used for displays and school based initiatives.

The scheme of work combines many elements to enable every student to have an opportunity to use a range of materials and resources to enhance and develop the art skills necessary to communicate and reflect their thoughts and ideas.