Aquinas Trust Sports Day

Sports Leaders

On a beautiful July morning, six of St John’s sports leaders went across to Walthamstow’s Pool and Track to help their peers from other Catholic Schools in officiating the Aquinas Trust School sports day.

Our sports leaders have been working hard all year to learn the skills and rules needed to assist in many different sporting activities. At St John’s our sports leaders are involved in the practice of gymnastics, athletics, football and basketball and are called upon to demonstrate and get students to warm-up as well as to set up practices and guide our lower school in all aspects of these sports.

Although the sports leaders are used to assisting primary students, the task was still a daunting one for them as the Aquinas Trust sports day had over 300 young people competing. Our leaders were given the job of officiating the sprint races, arguably one of the toughest races to officiate, so you can imagine how proud I was to watch our team stick to the task in hand and assist in many different roles. The sports day was a wonderful success and it was a joy to watch so many young people having fun. It was equally wonderful to watch how supportive our sports leaders were whilst demonstrating the attributes needed to command such an event. Our leaders acted impeccably throughout the day and were a true credit to our School.

Roger Woods