St John’s RC School employs its own team of experienced Speech and Language Therapists. These therapists work alongside educational staff and other professionals in supporting the student’s communication skills.

On admission students are fully assessed for attention and listening skills, verbal comprehension, vocabulary and narrative skills, higher level language skills and social communication skills. A detailed programme is then written to develop, support and address the student’s individual Speech Language and Communication Needs.

Speech and Language Therapy at St John’s RC School may take the form of

– direct individual and/or group therapy

– programmes devised by the Speech and Language Therapist and delivered by educational staff

– assessment and advice

– monitoring and review

– staff training

We aim to provide a valuable source of knowledge about speech, language and communication needs across the school and support all staff in ensuring language is tailored to the student’s receptive communication level.

Where appropriate we advocate the use of additional support such as Makaton Signing, Picture Communication System (PECS) and use of symbol systems and symbol supported text.

There are specialist rooms for speech and Language Therapy as well as a wide variety of resources available for loan to teaching staff and carers.