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Head of School: Wendy Killilea

About us

St John’s School was founded by the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary in 1897 as a boarding school for delicate children.

In its long history of ‘Special’ education the school has helped boys with ophthalmic difficulties, cardiac illness, respiratory diseases and learning difficulties – meeting each of these needs as they emerged up to 1970, when the school was closed for refurbishment. It reopened in January 1972 as a day school for boys and girls with moderate / severe learning difficulties with additional language disorders.

The specifically caring and supportive environment helps to cater for children who may have social and emotional needs. The school, which has charitable status, is approved as a Special School by the D.F.E.S. (1993 Education Act, Section 188) for 100 pupils ranging in age from 5 to 19 years.

Places are available to children from L.E.A.s. At present 10 L.E.A.s use the school. St. John’s is a Roman Catholic School, but accepts any child, where it is thought that their educational needs can best be met within the environment it has to offer.

Over half the pupils on roll are from other faiths or no faith. Although we are a Roman Catholic school, we welcome pupils from all faiths.

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